In my lifetime, I have never seen the world in such a terrible state as it is now. Pessimism is the default state of humanity today. You and I hold the power to change it all.

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What would happen if a large metropolitan area ran out of water? How would the residents deal with such an approaching calamity?

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Clarity is key to ensuring that starting up becomes a vehicle to fulfill your dreams.

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Finding time for your passion to write despite other commitments is simply a matter of choice.

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Football is not just a sport, it is a way of life. Being a football fan and an amateur player has taught me many lessons that have helped me in every aspect of life outside the field.

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Could the carbon cycle itself turn upon us and fuel an unprecedented rise in carbon emissions?

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In the recent past, global mental health has faced multiple macro challenges. Could a changing climate now add to this threat?

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Real winners use failure as a learning opportunity.

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According to recent scientific research, Covid-19 isn't going to be the only pandemic this decade, much less this century. Climate change is at the center of the forces disrupting the nature of pandemics in our world.

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Simple bugs may soon be able to destroy our lovely planet.

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Harshit Poddar

Clean Tech Entrepreneur | Activist | Author (2050: The World We Are Building) | I have dedicated my life to climate action

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